Once upon a time in Centrôville…

As the snow fell softly over Sherbrooke, something unusual was afoot in the shadows of the narrow streets: a group of mischievous elves from the North Pole, out to spread holiday cheer and magic, decided to take downtown by storm, transforming the winter tranquillity into joyous chaos!

Window after window, they pulled off a host of hilarious pranks. Since that very special night, downtown Sherbrooke has become a magical place filled with unforgettable smiles and laughter.

But before they disappeared into the starry night, the elves left behind a greeting card for us all. Search for the missing letters through downtown Sherbrooke, answering each riddle to reveal the message left by the elves.

When you're done, don't forget to submit your answers (if you're playing online) or drop them in a box (if you're playing on paper). If you succeed in your quest and decipher the elves' message, you could win one of 15 prizes worth $200 each!

Psssst: you can also get the paper version of the questionnaire at the Tourist Information Office!

Some practical information First clue: 70 King Street West (corner of rue du Dépôt) Arrival point: HQ public square, Wellington Street South Recommended parking: Well Sud - exit rue du Dépôt to get to the first clue. Duration: Approx. 2 hours Course length: 2.6 km